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1930 Oliver Hart-Parr, Model 28-44
(Restored in 1999)

rom 1926 to the end of 1932, New Holland Corporation farmed the drained bed of Lake Mattamuskeet. In January 1932, as part of its expanding farming operation at Lake Mattamuskeet, New Holland Corporation bought twelve new 1930 Oliver Hart-Parr Model 28-44 steel wheeled tractors. This purchase brought the inventory of tractors on the lake farm to fifty-one.

After the owners of the lake property decided to discontinue the farming operation in the lake bed in the fall of 1932, the old tractors were sold at auction. Dr. Reubin Bennett Stotesbury, a local veterinarian who owned a farm nearby bought one of 1930 Oliver Hart-Parr tractor with the serial number 500723. He used the tractor until he “wore it out” and then abandoned it as junk. Dr. Stotesbury died in 1971.

In 1996, Nancy Stotesbury Cook, daughter of the late Dr. Stotesbury, donated the tractor to The Mattamuskeet Foundation on behalf of the Reubin Bennett Stotesbury Family. In 1999, the foundation contracted Joe Gress or R&R Services, Repair & Restoration,  Shreve, Ohio, to completely restore the tractor.

Gress encountered some difficulties, the major one being a twelve-inch crack in the engine block. He arranged to have the block welded, put replacement sleeves in the cylinders from a parts tractor, and now the restored engine is tight with solid compression. The restored tractor looks and runs like new. 

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